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  Luen Thai fishing won 'Great Contribution in 2012' award
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  Luen Thai Fishing Ventures hosted His Excellency Emanuel Mori and his delegation during a visit to Hongkong and China
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About Us:

LTFV is a leading seafood company engaged in fishing, base operations, processing, packaging and distribution of fresh tuna and seafood products.

Every year, we supply over 11,000 tons of fresh tuna and other seafood products to customers in Japan, the United States, Canada, Europe and China.

We provide quality products to major auction markets, wholesalers, food service, distributors, as well as clubs, retailers, restaurant chains and specialty outlet stores.

Our products range from fresh and frozen whole fish, processed products of various cuts, and value added packaging.



Quick Facts:

  • A wholly owned subsidiary of Luen Thai International Group, a Hong Kong based conglomerate
  • Provides fresh tuna products and end-to-end services from fishing operations and base operations, to processing and distribution of fresh products on time to US and Japan markets through our own cargo aircrafts - our competitive advantage in logistics
  • Owns and operates more than 70 long-line vessels
  • Directly affiliated with Asia Pacific Airlines, a regional air freight carrier with 3 727s aircraft, fully servicing LTFVs key fishing bases and processing plants
  • Our 4 strategically-located fishing bases serve more than 150 long line vessels from China, Taiwan and other countries


Company History:

With an undivided commitment to quality and service since its inception in 1994, LTFV has become an integrated fishing operation. The company provides base operations, logistics, processing and marketing in the highly competitive fishing industry of the South Pacific and Far East.

LTFV is a wholly owned subsidiary of Luen Thai International Group Ltd., a Hong Kong based company which is among the world's top three manufacturers of signature apparel. With a total workforce of more than 13,000 worldwide, the Group has grown into a conglomerate with diversified interests, including apparel manufacturing, textile and footwear production, logistics services, tourism, insurance, amusement, financial services, property management, and fishing operations and marketing.

The Company's entry into the fishing industry began in 1993 when Chairman Dr. Tan Siu Lin forged a consortium among a few Chinese companies, which initiated a fishing base to provide supplies and services to tuna fishing vessels in Micronesia. The success of this venture led to diversification into a tuna fishing operation in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia in 1994. This was the prelude to the evolution of Luen Thai Fishing Venture Ltd., which had subsequently expanded to where we are today.

With an integrated service network in mind, LTFV succeeded in tapping unique business opportunities by venturing into several strategic areas between 1996-97. The first major activity was the establishment of a sales office in Japan in order to provide full-fledged marketing support and sales functions in the world's largest tuna consuming nation.

The company also set up a representative office in Taiwan to ensure stable purchase and supply of tuna baits and fishing gear to fishing boats operating out of LTFV's bases. Of equal strategic importance, LTFV has partnered with a fleet company in China, Lian Cheng Overseas Fishery, to put its vessel recruitment and deployment program within the purview of its business integration plan.

LTFV now has marketing offices in New York,  Los Angeles, Honolulu, Seattle, Japan, China (Shenzhen, Qingdao and Xiamen), Hong Kong SAR and processing and fishing bases in Pohnpei, Majuro, Palau and the Philippines.  LTFV is the no. 1 supplier of bigeye and yellowfin tuna in Japan,  exporting  more than 4,000  tons last year which is approximately 28.6% of Japans total imports for these tuna species.

Having established its name in the Pacific tuna fishing industry, LTFV is now gathering momentum to develop its non-tuna commercial fishing in the Central Western Pacific region.

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