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Our Commitment to the Environment
With the steady growth of the fisheries industry in the Western Pacific, LTFV has intensified its focus on the environment, especially on developing and implementing environmentally friendly fishing practices. By constantly improving measures within the company and fostering relationships in the community, LTFV strives to attain the goals of sustainability and conservation.

Internally, LTFV invests in and utilizes only the most up-to-date fishing equipment. Employees and crew are trained to use the equipment properly and are educated about the compliance regulations. Externally, LTFV cooperates with local governments and industry associations to actively support conservation and sustainability initiatives and regulations.

LTFV believes that cooperating with local governments and fishing agencies is essential in sustaining the fishing industry. For example, LTFV maintains integrity in catch-reporting. LTFV owns the majority of its vessels and is thus able to keep accurate records of their catch. LTFV works closely with each country's fishing authority in reporting the catch and by-catch of all vessels.

Western Pacific
LTFV remains committed to cooperating with the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council (WPRFMC) on the conservation of the marine environment and the management of fisheries in the Western Pacific through its application of responsible fishing practices in its fishing operations.

In February 2007, LTFV joined the Asia and Pacific By-catch Consortium in Hawaii as one of the Steering Committee members of the WPRFMC. The Consortium aims to resolve issues involving long-line by-catch of sea turtle, sea birds, and small . LTFV strongly advocates measures to protect the species not targeted by fisheries.

LTFV is also in agreement with the Philippine Fishery Department and WWF to run a trial operation in the Philippine waters to use circle hooks to lessen sea-turtle by-catch.

LTFV works with Shanghai Fisheries University to develop bird-scaring lines to avoid accidental catching of sea birds.

LTFV recognizes the importance of maintaining the earth's ecosystem and minimizing the harm of fishing practices. Thus, LTFV has installed and utilizes the following environmentally friendly equipment:

Super Spool System (SSS)
Installed in all of our vessels, the SSS was certified "friendly" for long-line fishing by the WPRFMC and is an advancement in environmentally responsible fish gear.

Circle hooks
The fleet has transitioned to using circle hooks, which has been proven to dramatically reduce the interaction between fishing gear and sea turtles.

Bird Scaring Line
Using this in Majuro,Marshall Islands,Western Pacific, has been successful -no accidental by-catch of sea birds occurred while the crew set the hooks.

Monofilament Line
Reduces the by-catch rate of .

According to on board fishing observers from Shanghai University, no sea turtles were caught, and sea birds were rarely seen in the past three voyages of LTFV scheduled last Oct. 27 - Nov. 5, 2006, Dec. 4-19, 2006, and Jan. 24 - Feb. 5, 2007.

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